About DevOps, automation, and APIs

To support DevOps workflows, Deep Security offers APIs to automate, monitor, and manage security throughout the release lifecycle. (See Use the Deep Security API to automate tasks.)

The Trend Micro Hybrid Cloud Security Command Line Interface (THUS) is a tool that can help you easily navigate the API. For more information, see https://github.com/trendmicro/thus.

The deep-security GitHub repositories contain the following useful scripts:

To get started with the API, see the First Steps Toward Deep Security Automation guide in the Deep Security Automation Center. The Automation Center also includes an API Reference.

Deep Security also offers many other ways to speed up the protection of your computers and other resources:

In addition, Deep Security provides the ability to forward events to SIEMs such as Spunk, QRadar, ArcSight, as well as Amazon SNS. For details, see: