Configure Deep Security Manager memory usage

Configuring the installer's maximum memory usage

The installer is configured to use 1GB of contiguous memory by default. If the installer fails to run you can try configuring the installer to use less memory.

  1. Go to the directory where the installer is located.
  2. Create a new text file called "Manager-Windows-xx.x.xxxx.x64.exe.vmoptions" or "", depending on your installation platform (where "xx.x.xxxx" is the build number of the installer).
  3. Edit the file by adding the line: "-Xmx800m" (in this example, 800MB of memory will be made available to the installer.)
  4. Save the file and launch the installer.

Configuring Deep Security Manager's maximum memory usage

The Deep Security Manager default setting for memory allocated to the Manager JVM process is 4GB. It is possible to change this setting.

When you install Deep Security Manager version 20.0.313 (20 LTS Update 2021-01-18) or newer, if the installer detects at least 16GB of RAM available, the default amount of memory allocated to the Manager JVM process will be 8GB.

  1. Go to the Deep Security Manager install directory (the same directory as Deep Security Manager executable).
  2. Create a new file. Depending on the platform, give it the following name:
    • Windows: "Deep Security Manager.vmoptions".
    • Linux: "dsm_s.vmoptions".
  3. Edit the file by adding the line: " -Xmx10g " (in this example, "10g" will make 10GB memory available to the Deep Security Manager.)
  4. Save the file and restart the Deep Security Manager.
  5. You can verify the new setting by going to Administration > System Information and in the System Details area, expand Manager Node > Memory. The Maximum Memory value should now indicate the new configuration setting.