Migrate Microsoft SQL Server Express Databases to Enterprise

Microsoft SQL Server Express is intended only for proof-of-concept and testing environments. It is not supported for production environments. (Scalability problems and performance restrictions in general can occur on Express or embedded and databases that are co-located on the same server as the Deep Security Manager application.)

So if you have finished testing, and want to keep your database to re-use it in your production environment, you must migrate it to a supported database.

  1. Stop the Deep Security Manager service so that it stops writing to the database.

    Deep Security Agents will continue to apply their current protection policies while the manager is stopped. Events will be kept and transmitted when Deep Security Manager returns online.

  2. Back up the database(s).
  3. Back up the database connection settings file:

    [Deep Security install directory]/webclient/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/dsm.properties

  4. Move the database to the new database engine. Restore the backup.
  5. Edit dsm.properties to connect to the migrated database:







    If using the default instance, you can delete the database.SqlServer.instance setting.

    You can enter a plain text password for database.SqlServer.password; Deep Security Manager will encrypt it when the service starts, like this:


  6. Restart the Deep Security Manager service.
  7. To verify that it has successfully reconnected to the database, log in to Deep Security Manager.

    Existing protected computers and event logs should appear. As new events such as administrator logins or policy changes occur, they should be added. If not, verify that you have granted permissions to the database user account on the new database server.