Unlock a locked out user name

If you have attempted to sign in multiple times to Deep Security Manager with an incorrect password, your user account will be locked out. The number of sign-in attempts allowed before lock out is configured in Administration > System Settings > Security > Number of incorrect sign-in attempts allowed (before lock out).

You can unlock users in different ways, depending on the following situations:

Unlock users as an administrator

  1. Log in to Deep Security Manager with a working administrator user name and password.
  2. Go to Administration > User Management > Users. Select the user you want to unlock, right-click, and click Properties.
  3. In the wizard, go to General > Sign-In Credentials. Deselect the Locked Out (Denied permission to sign in) check box.
  4. Click Save.

Unlock administrative users from a command line

  1. Go to your local command line interface.
  2. If your Deep Security Manager is Windows, go to the ..\Program Files\Trend Micro\Deep security Manager directory.

    If your Deep Security Manager is Linux, go to the /opt/dsm directory.

  3. Enter the following command:
  4. dsm_c -action unlockout -username <username>