Add users who can only receive reports

"Contacts" are users who cannot sign in to the Deep Security Manager but can periodically be sent reports (using scheduled tasks). Contacts can be assigned a "clearance" level that maps to existing roles. When a contact is sent a report, the report will not contain any information not accessible to a user of the same level. For example, three contacts may each be listed as the recipients of a weekly summary report but the contents of the three reports could be entirely different for each contact depending on their computer rights.

Add or edit a contact

  1. In Deep Security Manager go to Administration > User Management > Contacts.
  2. Click New to add a new contact or double-click an existing contact to edit its settings.
  3. In the General Information section, specify the name, description, and preferred language of this contact.
  4. In the Contact Information section, enter the email address to which reports will be sent if this contact is included in a report distribution list. (See the Reports page for more information.)
  5. In the Clearance section, specify the role that determines the information this contact will be allowed to see. For example, if a computer report has been scheduled to be sent to this contact, only information on the computers that his role permits him access to will be included in the report.
  6. In the Password Protected Reports section, select Reports generated by this user are password protected to password-protect exported PDF reports with the Report Password.

Delete a contact

To remove a contact from Deep Security Manager, click Administration > User Management > Contacts, click the contact, and then click Delete.