Migrate common objects to Workload Security

This is one part of the process for migrating from Deep Security to Workload Security. For a complete picture of the migration process, see Migrate from Deep Security to Workload Security.

You can use the migration tool to migrate common objects (with the exception of rules and malware configurations) to Trend Micro Cloud One - Workload Security.


  • Check that you're running Deep Security Manager 20.0.585 (20 LTS Update 2022-01-17) or later.
  • If you haven't done so already, complete the earlier steps described in Migrate from Deep Security to Workload Security, including creating a Trend Micro Cloud One account, creating an API key, and preparing a link to Workload Security.

Migrate common objects using the migration tool

  1. In upper-right corner of the Deep Security Manager console, select Support > Migrate to Workload Security.

    Screenshot of Manager window with Support menu displayed

  2. The Migrate to Workload Security page appears with the Configurations tab selected. Click Migrate Common Objects to expand that section.

    Migration Configurations tab

    If a Link to Workload Security Account page appears first, see Prepare a link to Workload Security for information on how to configure the link.

  3. In the Common Objects list, select the type of object to migrate.

    If a common object being migrated has the same name as an existing common object in Workload Security, the existing object will be overwritten by the migrated object.

  4. A list of all common objects of the selected type appears. Select the common objects that you want to migrate and then click Migrate Selected.

  5. The migration begins. Click the Refresh button to check the migration status. Possible statuses are:
    • Requested: Common object migration to Workload Security has been requested but the migration hasn't started yet.
    • Migrating: Common objects are being migrated to Workload Security. If the status stuck in "Migrating", it means the Deep Security Manager cannot get the response from Workload Security. Please check the network configuration.
    • Migrated: Common objects have been migrated successfully to Workload Security.
    • Failed: Common objects have failed to migrate to Workload Security for some reason. Check the error code:
      • Error code 300: Selected common objects do not exist.
      • Error codes greater than or equal to 900: Deep Security Manager has a problem communicating with Workload Security. Please make sure the Workload Security Link is correctly configured, or check server0.log for details.

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