Security updates

The Security Updates Overview page (Administration > Updates > Security) displays the state of your Security Updates from the Trend Micro Update Server through to your Deep Security distribution network and down to your protected computers.

Pattern Updates are used by the Anti-Malware module.

Rule Updates are used by these modules:

  • Firewall
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Integrity Monitoring
  • Log Inspection Security

Pattern Updates

Trend Micro Update Server

Indicates whether Deep Security Relays can connect to the Trend Micro Update Server to check for the latest Pattern Updates.

Deep Security

  • Last check for updates: The last time a successful check for Pattern Updates was performed.
  • Check for Updates and Download: Check for available Pattern Updates. If new Updates are available, they will be automatically downloaded.
  • Last Download: The last time that a new Pattern Update was downloaded after a successful check for Updates.
  • All Relays in Sync: Indicates whether all Relays are distributing the latest successfully downloaded Pattern Updates. Relays that are out of sync are usually in that state because they cannot communicate with Trend Update Servers. This could be because they are intentionally "air-gapped" and need to be manually updated or because of network connectivity problems. If any Relays are out of sync, a link to those Relays will be provided here.
  • Next scheduled check: The next time a Scheduled Task to check for Pattern Updates is due to run.


  • All Computers are up to date/Computers out of Date: Indicates whether any computers are out of date with respect to the Pattern Updates being stored in the Relays.
  • Send Patterns to Computers: instructs all computers to retrieve the latest Pattern Updates from their assigned Relays.
Alerts are raised if a Pattern Update has been downloaded from Trend Micro and available for more than an hour but computers have yet to be updated.