Deep Security FR life cycle dates

Please refer to Trend Micro’s latest End-of-Life Policy for more information on milestone definitions and standard timelines.

You can find more information in the Deep Security release strategy and life cycle policy and Changes to Deep Security feature releases in 2019.

Deep Security FR release life cycle dates

The following table defines the dates for each Deep Security feature release (FR). These dates define the life cycle for all components (manager, agents, relays, appliances, security updates) within the release, with the exception of any items listed in the Support extensions section, below.

Version Component Platform GA date End of support
Deep Security 10.1 All All 11-Jul-2017 22-Nov-2018
Deep Security 10.2 All All 24-Nov-2017 22-Nov-2018
Deep Security 10.3 All All 18-Jan-2018 22-Nov-2018
Deep Security 11.1 All All 16-Jul-2018 20-Dec-2019
Deep Security 11.2 All All 10-Oct-2018 20-Dec-2019
Deep Security 11.3 All All 07-Jan-2019 20-Dec-2019

Support extensions

The following table defines specific extensions to the life cycle dates listed above.

Version Component Platform Updated end of life More information
Deep Security 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 Deep Security Agent Linux Kernel Updates Linux 22-Nov-2019 Extending Linux kernel updates for Deep Security 10.x feature release agents