Computer status is "Offline"

Applies to Deep Security as a Service only

A computer status of "Offline" means that the Deep Security Manager hasn't communicated with the agent on your instance in some time.

The most common reason for a computer status of "Offline" is that the port number for outbound communication is blocked by a network firewall or AWS security group.

If you are using manager-initiated or bi-directional communication and are having communication issues, we strongly recommend that you change to agent-initiated activation (see Use agent-initiated communication with cloud accounts).

Verify that port 443 is open

Port 443 must be open for outbound communication.

You can test to see if the port is blocked by trying to communicate over port 443 via telnet.

  1. Log in to the instance.
  2. Open a command prompt.
  3. Enter this command:

    telnet 443

    If the test fails, you may need to modify AWS security groups to open the port number, and verify that Deep Security firewall settings allow the required port numbers.

Allow port 443 outbound from your instances

  1. Log in to your Amazon Web Services Console.
  2. On the EC2 Dashboard, go to (Network & Security > Security Groups, and then either:
    • Create a new Security Group: Click Create Security Group to create a new Security Group and assign to it the instances you would like to protect with Deep Security OR
    • Edit outbound rules for an existing Security Group to include all traffic: Select a Security Group, click Actions > Edit outbound rules. Under Type, select All traffic. Click Save.