Manage an AWS account


Edit an AWS account

You can edit an AWS account's settings in Deep Security Manager. You might need to do this if, for example, your AWS account needs to be configured to include Amazon WorkSpaces. To edit an AWS account:

  1. Log in to Deep Security Manager.
  2. Click Computers at the top.
  3. On the left, right-click your AWS account name and select Properties.
  4. Edit the settings and click OK.

Remove an AWS account

Removing an AWS account from Deep Security Manager permanently removes the account from the Deep Security database as well as its underlying computers. Your account with AWS is unaffected and any Deep Security Agents that were installed on the instances are still installed, running, and providing protection (although they will no longer receive security updates). If you decide to re-import computers from the AWS account, the Deep Security Agents download the latest security updates at the next scheduled opportunity.

  1. In Deep Security Manager, click Computers at the top.
  2. In the navigation panel, right-click the AWS account and select Remove AWS Account.
  3. Confirm that you want to remove the account.
    The account is removed from the Deep Security Manager.

Synchronize an AWS account

When you synchronize (sync) an AWS account, Deep Security Manager connects to the AWS API to obtain and display the latest set of AWS EC2 and WorkSpace instances.

To force a sync immediately:

  1. In Deep Security Manager, click Computers.
  2. On the left, right-click your AWS account and select Synchronize Now.

There is also a background sync that occurs every 10 minutes, and this interval is not configurable. If you force a sync, the background sync is unaffected and continues to occur according to its original schedule.