The system event log is a record of system-related events (as opposed to security-related events). From the main page you can:

  • View () the details (properties) of a system event
  • Search () for a particular system event
  • Export () currently displayed system events to a CSV file
  • View existing Auto-Tagging () rules.

Additionally, right-clicking an event gives you the option to:


Selecting an event and clicking View () displays the Event Viewer Properties window.


General Information

  • Time: The time according to the system clock on the computer hosting the Deep Security Manager.
  • Level: The severity level of event that occurred. Event levels include Info, Warning, and Error.
  • Event ID: The event type's unique identifier.
  • Event: The name of the event (associated with the event ID.)
  • Target: The system object associated with the event will be identified here. Clicking the object's identification will display the object's properties sheet.
  • Event Origin: The Deep Security component from which the event originated.
  • Action Performed By: If the event was initiated by a user, that user's username will be displayed here. Clicking the username will display the User Properties window.
  • Manager: The hostname of the Deep Security Manager computer.


If appropriate, the specific details of what action was performed to trigger this entry in the system event log will be displayed here.


The Tags tab displays tags that have been attached to this event. For more information on event tagging, see Policies > Common Objects > Other > Tags, and Apply tags to identify and group events.

Filter the list to search for an event

The Period toolbar lets you filter the list to display only those events that occurred within a specific timeframe.

The Computers toolbar lets you organize the display of event log entries by computer groups or computer policies.

Clicking Search > Open Advanced Search toggles the display of the advanced search bar.

Clicking the "Add Search Bar" button (+) to the right of the search bar will display an additional search bar so you can apply multiple parameters to your search. When you are ready, press the "Submit Request" button (at the right of the toolbars with the right-arrow on it).


You can export displayed events to a CSV file. (Paging is ignored, all pages will be exported.) You have the option of displaying the displayed list or the selected items.


Clicking Auto-Tagging displays a list of existing system event auto-tagging rules.