Users can create "Contacts". Contacts cannot sign in to the Deep Security Manager but they can periodically be sent reports (using Scheduled Tasks). Contacts can be assigned a "clearance" level that maps to existing Roles. When a Contact is sent a report, the report will not contain any information not accessible to a User of the same level.

From the Contacts page, you can:

  • Create New Contacts
  • Examine or modify the Properties of an existing contact
  • Delete a contact
  • Synchronize with a Directory list

Clicking New or Properties displays the Contact properties window.

General Information

The name, description, and preferred language of this contact.

Contact Information

The email address entered here is the email address to which reports will be sent if this contact is included in a report distribution list. (See the Reports page for more information.)


The Role specified here determines the information this contact will be allowed to see. For instance, if a computer Report has been scheduled to be sent to this contact, only information on the computers that his Role permits him access to will be included in the report.


Select whether or not reports will be encrypted for this User.

Synchronizing with a Directory

The Contact list can be synchronized with an Active Directory. Clicking Synchronize with Directory in the toolbar will display the Synchronize with Directory wizard. Type the address of the directory server and your access credentials. You will then be prompted to select which group of Users to import and whether they will be Users or Contacts. Once they've been imported, you are given the option to create a Scheduled Task to periodically synchronize with the directory to keep your list up to date.

To successfully import an Active Directory user account into Deep Security as a Deep Security User or Contact, the Active Directory user account must have a userPrincipalName attribute value. (The userPrincipalName attribute corresponds to an Active Directory account holder's "User logon name".)