Displays a list of the most recent Intrusion Prevention, Integrity Monitoring, and Log Inspection Rules that have been downloaded to the Deep Security Manager's database. If required you can reapply the current Rule set to computers being protected by Deep Security or rollback to a previous Rule set. You can configure the number of Rule Updates that are kept in the Deep Security Manager's database by going to the Administration > System Settings > Storage tab.

From the Rule Updates page, you can:

  • Import () a Rule Update
  • Delete () a Rule Update
  • View the Properties () of a Rule Update
  • Reapply an earlier Rule Update
  • Export () a Rule Update


Rule Updates are automatically imported into Deep Security during the "Check for Security Updates" Scheduled task, or when you click Check for Updates and Download on the Administration > Updates > Security page. The only time you might have to manually import a Rule Update is if your installation has no connectivity to the Trend Micro Update Servers or if asked to do so by your support provider.

View Properties

The Properties window for a Rule Update displays:

General Information

  • Name: the name of the Rule Update file
  • Version: the version number of the Rule Update
  • Released: the date the Rule Update was issued by Trend Micro
  • Imported: the date the Rule Update was imported into Deep Security
  • Applied: the date the Rule Update was applied Policies


Itemizes new objects included in the Rule Update.


If a recent Rule Update has caused problems in your environment, you may want to rollback to a previous Rule Update. If you rollback to a previous Update, all Policies affected by the rollback will be immediately updated on all computers using those Policies.


Under normal circumstances you should not have to export a Rule Update unless asked to do so by your support provider.