Update Deep Security software

Deep Security Software Updates are managed and distributed by the Deep Security Manager. The Manager periodically connects to Trend Micro Update Servers to check for available Software Updates. If it determines that updates are available, it will generate an alert. You will use the Deep Security Manager to download and distribute Software Updates. To do this, import the software into the Deep Security Manager.

  1. Go to Administration > Updates > Software.
  2. Check the Trend Micro Download Center section of the page to see whether there are any new software updates available. If no new updates are available, the section will say "All imported software is up to date". If updates are available, select the packages that you want and then click Import. You can select multiple packages by pressing Shift or Ctrl when clicking.
  3. When a green check mark appears in the Imported column, the package has been downloaded into Deep Security Manager. The package will also appear on Administration > Updates > Local.
  4. After a period of time, the Relay-enabled Agents will replicate the packages.

Once the software is imported into the Deep Security Manager, you can upgrade the Deep Security Agents or AppliancesThe Deep Securty Agent and Deep Security Virtual Appliance are the components that enforce the Deep Security policies that you have defined. Agents are deployed directly on a computer. Appliances are used in VMware vSphere environments to provide agentless protection. They are not available with Deep Security as a Service.:

  • To upgrade only certain Agents/Appliances, right-click them on the Computers page and select Actions > Upgrade Agent Software or Actions > Upgrade Appliance Software.
  • To upgrade all Agents at once, go to Administration > Updates > Software and then click Upgrade Agent/Appliance Software.