Software updates overview

The Software Updates Overview page displays the state of your Software Updates from the Trend Micro Update Server through to your Deep Security distribution network and down to your protected computers.

Trend Micro Download Center

This area of the overview page displays whether there are any updates available for the software that has already been imported to Deep Security.

Deep Security will only inform you of updates to the minor versions of your imported software. For example, if you have Agent version 9.5.100, and Trend Micro releases Agent version 9.5.200, Deep Security will tell you that updates to your software are available. However, if Trend Micro then releases Agent version and you don't have any earlier 9.6 Agents in your database inventory, you will not receive a notification that updates are available (even though you have a 9.5.100 Agent).

Deep Security

This area of the overview page displays the last time a check for software Updates was performed and whether the check was successful. The Check for updates button performs an on-demand check. The date of the next Scheduled task for a software update is displayed. There will be a warning if no Scheduled Task exists.


Displays whether any computers are running Agents for which updates are available. The check is only performed against software that has been downloaded to Deep Security, not against software available from the Download Center. If any computers are out of date, you can click the Upgrade agent/appliance software button, which takes you to the Computers page filtered to display out-of-date computers.

Deep Security considers computers out of date only if an update to the minor version of the Agent is available in the Deep Security database inventory. For example, if you have a computer running Agent version 9.5.100, and you import Agent version 9.5.200 from Trend Micro Download Center, Deep Security will tell you that the computer is out of date. However, if you are running Agent version 9.5.200 and you then import Agent version, Deep Security will not consider the computer out of date and you will see a green check mark indicating that your computers are up to date.

Upgrading Agent/Appliance Software

The Agent software on Computers must be upgraded manually. To upgrade all Agents, click Upgrade Agent/Appliance Software. To upgrade the Agent software on individual computers, go the Computers page and select Actions > Upgrade Agent from the context menu.