Local software

The Local Software page lists the software that has been imported into Deep Security.

Deep Security as a Service comes with agent software already downloaded. You can export from the local software, but you can not import or delete it.

From the Local Software page, you can:

  • View the Properties of a software update
  • Export a package or installer
  • Generate Deployment Scripts for the installation of agents on computers

View the properties of a software update

The Properties window for a software update displays:

General Information

  • Name: the name of the software update file
  • Platform: the operating system the software is built for
  • Version: the version number of the software update
  • Fingerprint: The digital fingerprint of the file.
  • Imported: the date the rule update was imported into Deep Security
  • Notes: any miscellaneous notes you wish to attach to the file

Export a package or installer

Export Package: This option will export the entire software package. Use this option to export software for use with an optional Update Web Server. (Update Web Servers are web servers under your control which can be used as software distribution points instead of relays. Update Web Servers are configured on the Administration > System Settings > Updates tab. For more information on Update Web Servers, see Update Deep Security software.)

Export Installer: This option extracts the core agent installer from the agent package. The core agent installer is used to install the core agent software on a computer. It is a lightweight package that does not contain any of the plug-ins required for any of the protection modules. When you activate the agent and turn on a protection module, Deep Security Manager retrieves the required plug-in from the software package in the Deep Security database and sends it out to the agent to be installed on the computer.

Generate Deployment Scripts for the installation of agents on computers

Installing an agent, activating it, and applying protection with a Security Policy is multi-step process that can be scripted from the command line on the computer you want to protect. The Deployment Script Generator tool will generate a customized script to be run on the computer which will download the agent software from the Deep Security Manager, install and activate it, and then apply a Security Policy. For information on using the Deployment Script Generator, see Use a deployment script.