System events settings

System events include activities and changes to the configuration of an agent or applianceThe Deep Securty Agent and Deep Security Virtual Appliance are the components that enforce the Deep Security policies that you have defined. Agents are deployed directly on a computer. Appliances are used in VMware vSphere environments to provide agentless protection. They are not available with Deep Security as a Service., the Deep Security Manager, or users. They also include errors that may occur during normal operation of the Deep Security system.

The Administration > System Settings > System Events page enables you configure the Record and Forward options for each type of system event:

  • Record:Deep Security Manager will record this type of event and list them on the Events & Reports > Events > System Events page.
  • Forward: Deep Security Manager will forward this type of event to a remote computer, if you have configured System Event notifications on the Administration > System Settings > Event Forwarding.

For a list of all possible system events, see System events. Events are kept for a period of time, which can be set on the Administration > System Settings > Storage page.