Add computers

You can add computers in many different ways.

  • Add local network computers
    If you are protecting computers on a locally accessible network you can add them individually by supplying their IP address or hostname or you can perform a Discovery operation to search for all computers visible to the Deep Security Manager.
  • Add virtual machines hosted on VMware vCloud
  • Add AWS Cloud accounts
  • Add a Microsoft Azure account to Deep Security
  • Bake the Deep Security Agent into your AMI
    You can install a preactivated Deep Security Agent onto the instance that your Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is based on.
  • Use a deployment script
    If you are going to be adding/protecting a large number of computers you may want to automate the process of installing and activating agents. You can use the Deep Security Manager's deployment script generator to generate scripts you can run on your computers which will install the agents and optionally perform subsequent tasks like activation and policy assignment. The scripts are also useful as a starting template to create your own customized scripts to execute various additional available commands.