Upgrade the Deep Security Relay

Upgrading the Deep Security Relay is identical to upgrading the Deep Security Agent because the two pieces of software are the same.

All Deep Security Relays must be upgraded before upgrading the Deep Security Agent. If you do not upgrade your relays first, security component upgrades and software upgrades may fail.

Follow these instructions to upgrade a relay:

  1. Log in to Deep Security Manager.
  2. Identify your relays using one of these methods:
    • Go to Computers . In the main pane, look for computers with the relay icon (). These are your relays. If the relay icon is shown next to your Deep Security Manager computer, it is because a relay is installed on Deep Security Manager and this relay can be updated.


    • Go to Administration. On the left, click Updates > Relay Management. In the main pane, expand a Relay Group. Your relays are displayed with the relay icon ().
  3. Double-click a relay. A dialog box appears showing the details of the relay computer.
  4. Click the Actions tab.
  5. Click Upgrade Agent. A wizard appears. For details on how to proceed through the wizard, see the explanations of the wizard pages in Initiate an agent upgrade. Your relay is upgraded.
  6. Upgrade all your relays before starting your agent upgrades.