System requirements

Each part of a Deep Security deployment has its own system requirements.

Requirements vary by version. For older versions of Deep Security Manager, agents, or relays, see their documentation.

If you plan to operate Deep Security in FIPS mode, see FIPS 140-2 support for additional requirements.

Deep Security Manager

For a list of agent versions that are compatible with this version of the manager, see Deep Security Agent platforms.

System component Requirements
Minimum memory (RAM)

Minimum RAM requirements depend on the number of agents that are being managed. See Deep Security Manager sizing.

On Linux, reserved system memory is separate from process memory. Therefore, although the installer's estimate might be similar, it will detect less RAM than the computer actually has. To verify the computer's actual total RAM, log in with a superuser account and enter:
grep MemTotal /proc/meminfo
Minimum disk space 1.5 GB (200 GB recommended)
  • Azure SQL Database (SaaS) (multi-tenancy is not supported)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (* Express not supported for this version)
  • Microsoft SQL RDS
  • Oracle Database 12c
  • Oracle Database 11g
  • Oracle RDS
  • PostgreSQL 10.x (only Core or Amazon RDS distributions)
  • PostgreSQL 9.6.x (only Core or Amazon RDS distributions)

Disk space required varies by the size of the deployment, data retention, and frequency of logging. See Sizing.

Minimum free disk space = (2 x database size) + transaction log

For example, if your database plus transaction log is 40 GB, you must have 80 GB (40 x 2) of free disk space for database schema upgrades. To free disk space, delete any unnecessary event log data and transaction logs.

  • Microsoft SQL Server Express is only supported in very limited deployments. See Microsoft SQL Server Express considerations.
  • Microsoft SQL Server service packs for these versions are also supported.
  • Oracle Database Express (XE) is not supported.
  • Oracle container database (CDB) configuration is not supported with Deep Security Manager multi-tenancy.
  • Apache Derby, which provided an embedded database for proof-of-concept and testing in previous versions of Deep Security, is not supported anymore.

Deep Security Agent

Requirements vary by OS version and the features that you enable. See Deep Security Agent and Relay sizing

For a list of all operating systems and agent versions that are compatible with Deep Security Manager 11.3, see Deep Security Agent platforms.

On supported versions of Microsoft Windows, Powershell 4.0 or newer is required to run the agent deployment script.