Microsoft SQL Server Express considerations

You can use Microsoft SQL Server Express as your Deep Security database in certain scenarios, but there are important limitations due to the 10 GB size limit for Microsoft SQL Server Express databases. If you think your deployment may exceed these limitations, use Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle database, or PostgreSQL instead.

If you exceed the 10 GB size limit, you will experience a service outage and you will need to upgrade to a paid version of Microsoft SQL Server.

Limited number of protected computers

Do not use Microsoft SQL Server Express if your deployment has more than 50 protected computers. More computers' events will cause a larger database which Microsoft SQL Server Express cannot handle.

Security module limitations

Only the anti-malware and intrusion prevention modules are supported for use with Microsoft SQL Server Express, due to its database size limitation. If you require any other protection modules, use Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or PostgreSQL instead.

Minimize the agent size

Remove any unneeded agent software packages from the Deep Security Manager to save disk space.

Database pruning

Security updates and events require additional space in the database. Monitor your deployment on an ongoing basis to ensure that you stay below to 10 GB limit. For information on database pruning, see Log and event storage best practices. You may also choose to use the SQL Server settings described in Considerations for the "autogrow" and "autoshrink" settings in SQL Server.