Alert: The memory warning threshold of Manager Node has been exceeded

The Memory Warning Threshold Exceeded or Memory Critical Threshold Exceeded alerts appear in Deep Security to alert you that a host's memory usage has exceeded a certain amount. A warning alert indicates that 70% of the host's memory is used, and a critical alert indicates that usage has exceeded 85%.

To resolve this issue, determine whether there are processes unexpectedly consuming a large amount of memory:

  • If the identified process is not Deep Security Manager, remove or eliminate the processes from the host. Deep Security Manager should run on a dedicated host computer.
  • If the process is Deep Security Manager, increase the amount of the host memory. Refer to Sizing for guidelines.

By default, the maximum heap size of Deep Security Manager is 4 GB. That means Deep Security Manager allocates a maximum 4 GB heap; however, the JVM allocates not only heap but also non-heap. Consequently, the maximum total memory size of the Deep Security Manager process will be larger than 4 GB.

If the host is a VM, we strongly suggest that you reserve all guest memory for the VM.