What's new?

Deep Security 10.0

Below are major changes in Deep Security 10.0.

All Deep Security 10.0 features are supported on 10.1. However, if Deep Security Manager 10.1 is installed, then the minimum supported Deep Security Agent or Deep Security Virtual Appliance version is 9.6. Deep Security Manager 10.1 does not support Deep Security Agent and Deep Security Virtual Appliance 9.5.

Feature Description Minimum required agent
Increase security by using application control Get visibility into applications running on your systems and detect or block unauthorized software. You have the ability to decide if new applications can be added and safely run on a given workload. Deep Security introduces a simplified application control administration with day-to-day activities minimized through one to many policies, simplified drift timeline and application execution view, and automation through APIs.
  • Deep Security Agent 10.0
Docker deployment protection (containers) Deep Security 10.0 expands beyond server workloads to protect Docker containers, leveraging proven techniques like anti-malware, IPS and application control to protect dynamic container deployments. Learn more about how we can protect your Docker hosts and containers.
  • Deep Security Agent 10.0
Enhanced anti-malware and ransomware scanning with behavior monitoring Threat actors are becoming more sophisticated and often use techniques to bypass traditional virus pattern matching. These advanced threats are difficult to detect and require new technology to do so. Deep Security 10.0 provides security settings that you can apply to Windows® computers protected by a Deep Security Agent. These settings enable you to go beyond malware pattern matching and identify suspicious files that could potentially contain emerging malware that hasn’t yet been added to the anti-malware patterns (known as a zero-day attack).
  • Deep Security Agent 10.0
Usability enhancements New user interface
Enhanced visibility across your hybrid cloud environment is provided through an updated, more intuitive user interface (UI). The cleaner and more intuitive UI helps you identify problem areas and begin to remediate them more quickly. The new interface introduces new sophisticated management features to help address the realities of distributed architectures.
Smart folders
To help organize your personal view of your protected assets, you can create saved searches that allow you to dynamically organize your workloads. You can create logical filters based on properties such as hostname, AWS tags, Azure Resource Groups, vCenter or Active Directory. Smart folders always react to dynamic changes in your cloud environment. See Group computers dynamically with smart folders.
Easier to get help
Directly from within the Manager you can now search all of the information in our new Help Center (you are on it right now!). All of the content previously contained in the Administrator's Guide and the Installation Guide is also located there and it is all searchable from Google™ search.
  • Deep Security Agent 9.5
  • Deep Security Virtual Appliance 9.5
Updated cloud connectors
  • Deep Security Agent 10.0
Updated support for Oracle® Solaris 10 and 11 servers The Deep Security Agent for Solaris has been updated for Deep Security 10.0. Anti-malware scanning capabilities are now available for Solaris 10 and 11 servers.
  • Deep Security Agent 10.0