Access the Deep Security Virtual Appliance interface

Does not apply to Deep Security as a Service

The Deep Security Virtual Appliance interface can be accessed by opening the VMware vSphere Client, selecting the Appliance in the navigation panel, and clicking on the Console tab.

System Information

Displays the Appliance version and build number, the URL of the Deep Security Manager managing this Appliance, and the time zone of the Appliance.

Configure Password

The current password for accessing this Appliance console. The default password ("dsva") should be changed after installation.

Configure Management Network

Displays the Appliance hostname and IP address. Initially the Appliance is given the default hostname "dsva". The IP address is assigned by the local DHCP server. If you do not have a DHCP server, you must enter the IP Address, Netmask, Default gateway, Primary DNS, and Secondary DNS information manually. (Hit Enter to enter editing mode.)

If you are deploying multiple Virtual Appliances, make sure to change the hostnames to avoid DNS problems.