Why can't I view all of the VMs in an Azure subscription in Deep Security?

If not all of the virtual machine resources in an Azure subscription are being displayed on the Computers page of Deep Security Manager, this could be because they were deployed using the new Azure deployment model: Resource Manager. Resource Manager is now the new default option for a deployment model so all new resources are deployed using this model unless you select Classic from the Select a deployment model list as shown in the image below.

The reason that not all VMs are displayed is that currently Deep Security Manager uses the Service Management API provided by the classic Azure deployment model (the Service Management model) to connect to Azure virtual machines so it can only enumerate VMs deployed with the classic model.

Support for virtual machines deployed using Resource Manager is available in the new Deep Security Manager VM for Azure Marketplace console and in Deep Security 10.

Note: VMs deployed using Resource Manager are still being fully protected by Deep Security but for you to see them on the Computers page they have to be added as a computer object. The best way to do this is to run a deployment script on the VM and let the activation create the computer object.