Troubleshooting: Fastpath or slowpath relative

  1. On the ESXi host, verify that the filter driver has been successfully installed, and is running.
  2. On the Deep Security Virtual Agent, verify slowpath and network connectivity.

    1. Enter this command to check if slowpath is running or not in Deep Security Virtual Agent:

      ps -edf | grep slowpath

      If the slowpath process is not running, restart the ds_filter service to enable the slowpath. If it is still not running, enable the debug log for slowpath.

    2. Enter this command to verify that the connection has been established between Deep Security Virtual Appliance and ESXi:

      netstat -nap | grep 2222

      If there is a problem in the connection, try to ping each from the other side of the connection to check if both are reachable. (For example, if a firewall is between them, and it allows outgoing packets but not incoming or reply traffic, this could cause a connection timeout or half-formed connection.)