What's new?

Below are recent changes to Deep Security as a Service.

  • Application control hash-based rules: With this update, application control shared rulesets use rules that are based on a software file's SHA-256 has value, and not by file name and/or path. For important details, see Use the API to create shared and global rulesets .
  • Application control simplification: The application control user interface has been simplified by removing the redundant decision log view. For information on how to reverse an application control decision, see View and change application control rulesets.
  • Application control - software changes filter exclusions: The Actions page shows all software change events and the list can get very long, especially on servers running many applications. Previous releases allowed you filter the list using the "contains" operator, which is useful when looking for a particular event. This release adds a new "does not contain" filtering option that enables you to filter out all software changes occurring in a particular directory or created by a particular process. You can use this option to focus on remaining software change events so you can look for anomalies or areas of interest. See Set up application control.