Try the Deep Security demo

When you create your account for Deep Security as a Service, and log in for the first time, a short tutorial will appear.

The tutorial explains that Deep Security has automatically created a temporary AWS server instance (a demo server), and added it to Deep Security Manager. (It appears on the Computers tab, where the Description column will include "This computer is a demonstration of Deep Security's capabilities.".) You can use this temporary computer together with the temporary security policy named "Demo" to try out and learn features.

If you receive a notification saying that the agent software on the demo server is out of date, do not update it.

  1. Click the link provided in the tutorial.

    A web application on the demo server should appear.

  2. Click the buttons in the web app (for example, Download malware test sample) to simulate attacks that trigger each of the major features of Deep Security.
  3. Events indicating detected attacks should appear

    • On the Dashboard tab
    • On Events & Reports > Events > Anti-Malware Events (for example)
    • On Computers > Details > Anti-Malware > Events (for example)

    If the event does not immediately appear, click Get Events or select a different time Period and then click the refresh arrow on the right.

    Support for real-time scans varies by operating system (OS). So depending on which OS your demo computer has, you may need to go to Computers > Details > Integrity Monitoring and click Scan For Integrity (for example) instead.

  4. Double-click the event to view details about it.

    For example, you can see which Deep Security setting detected the attack.