Access to this release is no longer available due to an issue that resulted in the inability to log in as a tenant in a multi-tenant deployment. For more information, see Inability to login as tenant in a multi-tenant deployment (Deep Security 12 FR 2020-01-16 (12.5.579)).

Deep Security Manager FR 2020-01-16


  • Added the following hidden setting command:
  • dsm_c -action changesetting -name com.trendmicro.ds.antimalware:settings.configuration.maxSelfExtractRTScanSizeMB -value 512

    When Deep Security Agent could not determine the type of the target file, the scan engine loaded the file to memory to identify if it was a self-extract file. If there were many of these large files, the scan engine consumed lots of memory. Using the command above, the file-size limitation is set to 512MB for loading target files. When the file-size exceeds the set limitation, the scan engine will skip this process and scan the file directly.

    To implement this enhancement:

    1. Run the command in Deep Security Manager to change the value in the database.
    2. Send the policy to your target Deep Security Agent to deploy the setting.
  • Redesigned the Computers > Add Account synchronization scheduling to handle many more connectors per tenant, reduce idle thread time, and sync connectors with invalid credentials less frequently.
  • Aggregated identical agent events in a single heartbeat under a single event.
  • Added the 'sproc' field to Syslog events, which displays the name of the event's source process.
  • Added "Database Type" and "Database Server" columns to Administration > Tenants.

Resolved issues

  • In the Malware Scan configurations window, the content of the Advanced tab was displayed in the General tab. (SEG-64701/SF02657864/DS-44176)
  • Deep Security Manager had issues loading the computers trees on some pages when there were a lot of computers and folders. (SEG-58089/SF02345427/DS-44424)
  • AWS connectors sometimes failed to synchronize. (SEG-66472/DS-45029)
  • The column names in the CSV output of the "Security Module Usage Report" were partially misaligned with the data columns.(SEG-66717/SF02619240/DS-45130)
  • In the Malware Scan Configuration window (Computers/Policies > Anti-Malware > General > Manual Scan > Edit > Advanced and select Scan Compressed File) the Maximum number of files to extract setting could not be set to 0, meaning unlimited. (SEG-65997/02685854/DS-45081)
  • Deep Security Manager with PostgreSQL sometimes stopped forwarding events to AWS SNS. (SEG-67362/SF02798561/DS-45594)

Security Updates

Security updates are included in this release. For more information about how we protect against vulnerabilities, visit Vulnerability Response. (DS-44955/DS-43627)

  • Updated third-party libraries used by Deep Security Manager. (DS-24214)