Check Deep Security as a Service billing and usage in AWS Marketplace

If you are subscribed to Deep Security as a Service Pay as you Go through the AWS Marketplace, you can check your current costs and usage from the AWS Billing and Cost Management console. For directions on viewing or downloading your bills, see the AWS documentation on Viewing Your Monthly Charges. If you are new to using the AWS Billing and Cost Management console, see the AWS Getting Started documentation.

If you want a more detailed look at your costs and usage, you can enable the AWS Billing Cost Explorer feature. Cost Explorer can show you a daily breakdown of your costs and usage and forecast what your costs might be over the coming months.

Generate a usage report in the Deep Security Manager

You can also generate a report of your usage from the Deep Security Manager. To do so, go to Events & Reports > Generate Reports, and then from the Report list, select AWS Metered Billing Report.

For more information on generating reports from the Deep Security Manager, see Generate reports about alerts and other activity.