Deep Security Smart Check

You can use Deep Security Smart Check to automate scanning of container images.

  • Deployment Guide: About how Deep Security Smart Check works, and how to install and configure it.
  • API Reference: How to integrate your CI/CD pipeline with the Deep Security Smart Check API.
  • GitHub Repository: Readme, deployment scripts, and technical FAQ.
  • EULA (pre-purchased): License agreement for bring-your-own-license (BYOL) billing for Deep Security Smart on AWS Marketplace.

Prevent conflicts between Deep Security Agent and Smart Check scans

When running Deep Security Agent and Deep Security Smart Check on the same computer, there can be conflicts between the real-time malware scans performed by the agent and the malware scans performed by Smart Check, resulting in Smart Check scan failures.

To prevent this issue, exclude the following directories from Deep Security Agent real-time malware scans:




If a Deep Security Smart Check scan fails because you did not set an exclusion, please contact support.