How do I use prepaid credit for Deep Security as a Service?

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What is prepaid credit?

Prepaid credit for DSaaS protection of your EC2 instances works the same as your prepaid mobile phone credit. You prepay for your service and we deduct in real time what you've used.

Using prepaid credit allows you to buy in advance enough credit to cover your usage for several months or a year at a time. Prepaid is a good way to manage spending and simplify purchasing.

How do I get prepaid credit?

You can purchase prepaid credit by contacting

What happens when I am running low on prepaid credit?

Trend Micro will notify you when you have 30 days left of credit, estimated based on your current usage. If your credit runs out before you have renewed, your protection remains active but you won't be able to activate any new agents and existing agents will no long receive any updates.

How is pricing calculated for prepaid credit?

Your usage (number and size of instances) is rounded up to the nearest hour. We deduct in real time just what you use.

For more information on payment options and pricing, refer to Usage-based pricing.