Sign up for Deep Security as a Service

When you sign up for Deep Security as a Service, you can easily deploy Deep Security without the need to install or configure a Deep Security Manager. As a hosted solution, Deep Security as a Service updates itself automatically, stores all of your security data, and only bills you for the hours that your computers are protected.

Not sure if a hosted solution is right for you, or which Deep Security you need? We can help you answer that. See Which Deep Security is right for me?

Free trial

If you're not sure which payment option you'd like to start with, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial account. When you're ready to upgrade to a paid version, read the instructions at How do I upgrade my free trial to a paid version of Deep Security as a Service?

Start protecting your computers

Once you've set up your Deep Security as a Service account, see how to Protect EC2 instances with Deep Security as a Service.

Payment options

Deep Security as a Service offers a variety of payment options to choose from including AWS Marketplace billing subscriptions, credit card, and prepaid credit. You can read more about each payment option and which one might best suit your needs at Deep Security as a Service payment options.