Integrate Deep Security as a Service with AWS Elastic Beanstalk

If you are using AWS Elastic Beanstalk to deploy and manage your applications in the AWS cloud, you can integrate Deep Security into your system so that services are scaled and your servers are automatically protected.

  1. Modify the Deep Security Agent AWS Elastic Beanstalk extension configuration file for the Deep Security solution that you use:
    1. Deep Security AMI from AWS Marketplace or On Premise: Go to the deep-security/elastic-beanstalk GitHub repository and edit the configuration file with the host name or IP address of Deep Security Manager and the policy ID to use. Make sure that you change all instances of the Manager name or IP address in the configuration file.
    2. Deep Security as a Service:Edit the configuration file for your operating system to provide your tenant ID, tenant password, and the policy ID for use when activating the agent.
      Use the links to download the extension configuration files:

      To locate your tenant ID, password and policy ID, go to Support > Deployment Scripts to display the deployment script generator. Generate a script, then copy the values from the script.

  2. Add the configuration file to the .ebextensions directory of your source bundle.
  3. Re-deploy your application and your servers will automatically download the latest agent and activate into the list of instances on the Computers page in Deep Security.

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