What's new in the latest version of Deep Security as a Service?

Per-hour billing through AWS Marketplace

You can now subscribe to Deep Security as a Service through the AWS Marketplace and your AWS account will be billed only for the hours that your computers are protected, with no need to register a credit card or obtain a license.

If you have been using a free trial of Deep Security as a Service and are ready to buy it from AWS Marketplace, see How do I upgrade my free trial to a paid version of Deep Security as a Service?

New User Interface

Enhanced visibility across your hybrid cloud environment is provided through an updated, more intuitive user interface.

In these environments, our users have more workloads, groups, policies and overall security information to manage. The cleaner and more intuitive UI helps you identify problem areas and begin to remediate them more quickly. The new interface introduces new sophisticated management features to help address the realities of distributed architectures and hybrid cloud deployments such as Smart Folders, and enhanced structured visibility in Cloud Connectors.

Smart Folders

To help organize your personal view of your protected assets, you can create saved searches that allow you to dynamically organize your workloads.

There are lots of properties to choose from in creating your Smart Folders. You can apply logical filters on general properties such as Hostname, cloud properties such as AWS tag or Azure Resource Group, and vCenter or LDAP properties. Smart folders always react to dynamic changes in your cloud environment.

Once you have created your Smart Folders, you can use them to view Dashboard, Reports and Events for computers in a selected folder.