What's new in the latest version of Deep Security as a Service?

Improved usability for searching

The Help Center search field now has a dark background and the page search field was moved to the right of the screen. These changes allowed us to present search (filtering) controls together in a consistent location across pages and still maintain a visual distinction between the Help Center search field and the rest of the input fields in the Deep Security Manager.

REST API now includes SSL configurations

We have added the ability to list, create, read, update, and delete host SSL configurations through the Deep Security Manager REST API. You will now able to automate these operations, which should help simplify your SSL configuration management especially if you have large numbers of protected servers.

Switch from prepaid credits or seat subscriptions licenses to AWS Marketplace billing

If you are currently using Trend Micro prepaid credit or seat subscription licenses for your Deep Security as a Service, you can easily switch to the AWS Marketplace subscription billing method and take advantage of only being billed for the hours that your computers are protected without having to register a credit card or obtain a new license. For information on how to make this switch, see the following articles:

Event history retention update

To ensure optimum system performance, the event history retention period for Deep Security as a Service is now standardized to 4 weeks for all customers. For more information, see How long are my events stored?