Create a list of ports for use in policies

Use the Port Lists page to create reusable lists of port numbers.
From the main page you can:

  • Create New port lists from scratch ()
  • Import () port lists from an XML file
  • Examine or modify the Properties of an existing port list ()
  • Duplicate (and then modify) existing port lists ()
  • Delete a port list ()
  • Export () one or more port lists to an XML or CSV file. (Either export them all using the Export button, or choose from the list to export only those that are selected or displayed.)

Clicking New () or Properties () displays the Port List properties window.

Port List properties

General Information

The name and description of the list.


Enter the ports that are going to be on your list. Only put one of these per line.

For a listing commonly accepted port number assignments, see the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). For a list of port numbers used by Deep Security Manager, Relay, or Agent, see Port numbers.

Supported Formats

Individual ports and port ranges can be included on the list. Use these examples to properly format your entries. (You can insert comments into your port list by preceding the text with a pound sign ("#").)

Assigned To

The Assigned To tab lists the rules making use of this port list. Clicking the names of the rules displays their Properties window.