Troubleshooting: Purple screen of death

If you encounter a Purple Screen of Death issue, collect the necessary files and submit them to Trend Micro Technical Support to determine if the issue is coming from the VMware side or Trend Micro side.

  1. Capture a screen shot of the Purple Diagnostic Screen via remote KVM or take a picture of the physical console's Purple Diagnostic Screen prior to reboot.
  2. Get the core dump from the VMkernel sent to the ESXi Dump Collector Network Service.
    1. Log in to the vSphere client and navigate to the Home page.
    2. Click Hosts and Clusters and select the ESXi host.
    3. Click Export > Export System Logs.
    4. Click Select all and choose the log store location to complete the process.
  3. Extract the log from the dump using the procedure in this VMware article: Extracting the log file after an ESX or ESXi host fails with a purple screen error (1006796).
  4. Gather a vm-support log bundle from the ESXi host by typing "vm-support" in the ESXi command line.