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Deep Security 10.3 feature release

Below are major changes in Deep Security 10.3, which is a feature release (see Feature releases for details about feature release support). For a list of new features that were included in previous releases, choose a different Deep Security version from the version selector at the top of the page.

  • Cloud VDI (Amazon WorkSpaces support): Amazon WorkSpaces is a fully managed, secure desktop computing service that runs on the AWS cloud. Deep Security 10.3 offers improved management capabilities for Amazon WorkSpaces. For more information, see Add Amazon WorkSpaces.
  • Relay management: This release makes it easier to manage your relay-enabled agents. With previous releases, customers sometimes accidentally promoted Deep Security Agents to act as relays. With this release, the "Enable Relay" button has been removed from the Computers page. You can now perform all actions related to relays from the new Administration > Relay Management page. For customers who have accidentally promoted an agent to a relay, demoting the relay back to an agent is now a much simpler process. For more information, see Distribute security and software updates with relays.