System information

Create a diagnostic package

Clicking Create Diagnostic Package in the Toolbar displays the Diagnostic Package wizard which will create a zip file containing install, uninstall, and debug logs, System Information, Database Contents (last hour only for time-sensitive items), File Listing, and Properties Files (Passwords Removed). This information can be given to your support provider to help troubleshoot any problems.

The default maximum size of a diagnostic package is 200 MB. To increase the size of the diagnostic package, enter this command:

dsm_c -action changesetting -name configuration.diagnosticMaximumFileSize -value ####

For example, to increase the size of the package to 1 GB (1000 MB):

dsm_c -action changesetting -name configuration.diagnosticMaximumFileSize -value 1000

Do not change the size of the diagnostic package unless your support provider tells you to do this.


Extensions can be reports or plug-ins for the Deep Security Manager.

Demo Mode

If you are evaluating Deep Security in a test environment and want to see what a full Deep Security installation in an enterprise environment looks like, you can enable Demo Mode by clicking Demo Mode on the System Information page toolbar.

When in Demo Mode, the Manager populates its database with simulated computers, Events, Alerts, and other data. Initially, seven days worth of data is generated but new data is generated on an ongoing basis to keep the Manager's Dashboard, Reports and Events pages populated with data.

While Demo Mode can be used with mixed real and simulated computers, it is not intended to be used in a production environment!

Demo mode can be turned off the same way.

System Activity (Over The Last Hour)

This panel displays various graphs detailing activities carried out by the different Manager nodes. For details on the information displayed in the System Activity panel, see Run Deep Security Manager as multiple nodes.

System Details

This panel displays detailed system information used for troubleshooting by your support provider.