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Error: Unable to connect to the cloud account

When adding an Amazon Cloud account, the error "Unable to connect to the cloud account" can occur. The cause can be:

  • invalid key ID or secret
  • incorrect permissions
  • failed network connectivity

Your AWS account access key ID or secret access key is invalid

To resolve this:

Verify the security credentials that you entered.

The incorrect AWS IAM policy has been applied to the account being used by Deep Security

To resolve this:

Go you your AWS account and review the IAM policy for that account.

The AWS IAM policy must have these permissions:

  • Effect: Allow
  • AWS Service: Amazon EC2
  • Select the following Actions:
    • DescribeImages
    • DescribeInstances
    • DescribeTags
  • Amazon Resource Name (ARN) to: *

NAT, proxy, or firewall ports are not open, or settings are incorrect

This can occur in a few cases, including if you are deploying a new Deep Security Manager installation using the AMI on AWS Marketplace.

Your Deep Security Manager must be able to connect to the Internet, specifically to Amazon Cloud, on the required port numbers.

To resolve this:

You may need to:

  • configure NAT or port forwarding on a firewall or router between your AMI and the Internet
  • get an external IP address for your AMI

The network connection must also be reliable. If it is intermittent, this error message may occur sometimes (but not every time).