Smart Feedback settings

Trend Micro Smart Feedback provides continuous communication between Trend Micro products and the company's 24/7 threat research centers and technologies. With Smart Feedback, products become an active part of the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, where large amounts of threat data is shared and analyzed in real time. This interconnection enables never before possible rates of analysis, identification, and prevention of new threats -- a level of responsiveness that addresses the thousands of new threats and threat variants released daily.

Smart Feedback will use the Primary Security Update Proxy used by Agents, Appliances, and Relays proxy specified on the Administration > System Settings > Proxies tab.

Smart Feedback is part of the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network. The Smart Protection Network uses a global network of threat intelligence sensors to continually update email, web, and file reputation databases in the cloud, identifying and blocking threats in real time.

Deep Security can access the Smart Protection Service directly or you can install local Smart Protection Servers. Smart Protection Servers are designed to localize operations to the corporate network to optimize efficiency. Smart Protection Server software along with installation and configuration instructions are available from the Trend Micro Download Center at

You can enter the addresses of several Smart Protection Servers. Trend Micro recommends that you install multiple local servers to ensure availability in case of hardware, software, or connectivity failure.