Storage settings

The settings under Administration > System Settings > Storage > Data Pruning define how long to store the following items before deleting them from the database:

  • event logs
  • counters ("Automatically delete counters older than" )
  • Deep Security server logs ("Automatically delete server logs older than")
  • older security updates ("Number of older software versions to keep per platform")
  • other stored objects ("Number of older Rule Updates to keep")

This prevents the database from becoming too big, and optimizes performance.

Most settings indicate the maximum age of protection modules' event logs, but Counters are the total number of each type of event log. They are used to generate reports and to populate the dashboard widgets. Server Log files are from Deep Security Manager's web server. They don't include event logs from agents installed on your network's web servers.

For event log settings, decide how long to keep logs based on the robustness of the database system you are using, the amount of available storage space, and which events you need to log.

Some tips on event logging: